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Each month we will be writting about different aspects of archery to help you the shooter out. We are always open to suggestions on what topics that you the shooter would like to read about. So please send us and suggestions that you may have.
When ever we hear someone talk about archery, the conservation usually is around form. But one item that is constantly overlooked in 3D is judging yardage.
Now you can have text book form, but if you do not know how to figure out the distance your arrow has to travel to the target, your score will suffer.
We spend so much time on shooting to make sure that our sights are on and that our form is good. But how many of us grab a rangefinder and take a trip to the woods to practice distance judging. From my past experience, very few of us.
Many of my students and fellow shooters ask me how I judge distance. Well my technique is as follows: First I find a spot that is twenty yards away from me. To me twenty yards is easy. I spend so much time in the winter shooting at spots that the twenty yard mark is burned into my brain. So after I find my twenty yards I count every five yards after that till I get to the target.
This is the way that I do it but not the only way to do it. Some people go every ten yards or even every five yards till they get to the target. Then there are thoose that can look at the target itself and tell how far it is from them.
The method that I have showed you does have a couple of pit falls. These pit falls can be over come with practice. The pit falls are times when you have to shoot over a valley or have terrain that you can not see.
My main answer to thoose that ask me on how to get better at judging distance is to practice. Take a rangefinder and check your guesses. If you do not have a rangefinder that is ok. You can check your distance by pacing it off. Now this is not as accurate as a rangefinder but will do in a pinch.

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May Your Arrows Fly Straight and True

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